There are a million conceivable things to do when you start your practice, but what’s really important in the big picture? What’s going to lead to increased referrals and practice growth? Here’s a few seemingly innocent but critical things to do from day one. And if you’re already well past day one, fear not – it’s never too late to start.

Track Your Referrals
Discovering where your referrals come from is the single best way to get more of them. You can use our five P’s or something of your own, but make sure you track them from day one. Before you know it, it’s going to be day one of year two and having referral source data is going to be incredibly helpful in figuring out how to spend your marketing dollars.

Accept Debit and Credit Cards
Just do it. I know it’s expensive. I know it’s a hassle. Just do it.

Still not convinced? Follow the link.

Make Sure the Phone Is Answered
You might not be able to afford a receptionist right away (although it may well be worth the risk). But if you miss those calls, you’re going to lose business. Consider an answering service at the least – one that can book appointments on your behalf.

Act Like You’re Busy
Whether you want to treat this as metaphysics or practical behaviour, acting as if you’re a busy CAM practitioner from day one is going to get you there faster. It’s particularly helpful in how you manage your appointments.

Pay Yourself
Get in the habit of paying yourself consistently. It’s far too easy for your practice to consume all the cash flow, and for you to find yourself five years down the road still breaking even. Just look at how easy it is to spend all the money in your personal bank account. Your expenses have a habit of rising to meet the available cash, and your practice is no different.

It doesn’t matter how much. Ten bucks a month is fine – what’s important is to start the habit. Just set up an automated system and forget about it (except for regular raises!). Everyone in practice can afford ten bucks, and believe me, it will make a difference.

And don’t forget those raises. Stretch yourself. Pay a tiny bit past what you can afford, and you’ll find your practice will grow to accommodate the increased expense.

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3 Responses to “5 Things To Do In Your Practice From Day One”

  1. Sue Underhill says:

    Hey Dan! I enjoyed reading your blog! A comment about missed appt fees. We have our policy posted in 3 places in the clinic, it’s on the consent sheet that every client signs at their first visit, it’s on our answering machine message and we explain the policy when they book their first visit. So we feel they’ve had adequate warning, and we bill delinquint clients right off the hop – if there is no good reason for missing or cancelling late. Just a thought…… SUE

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